Please browse through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if any of your questions are already answered.  If you have a question that is not answered below or if you would like further explanation please feel free to contact us.

What is TFC Juniors?

TFC Juniors is a supplemental training program to support the training that players are doing at their clubs and academies. We are a pay for play, curriculum-based program that is coached by professional, grassroots specialists. Our primary goal is to develop a large pool of players, track their progress and identify the best prospects for the entry into the TFC Academy.

What is the cost of TFC Juniors Soccer School?

Current cost is set at $420.00 per registration for the pilot, however the registration fee will vary depending on the number of training sessions.

Are girls permitted to register for the program?

Yes. The program is for girls and boys. They will play together in a mixed playing environment, grouped by age, then grouped based on where they are on the development continuum.

Will I have to leave my club or Academy?

No. The players will train with TFC Juniors once per week and train with their teams for the remainder of the week.

Can I register for more than one TFC Juniors location?

If the schedule fits with your club/academy program you are permitted to register in more than one location.

Can parents watch?

Parents can watch from a designated viewing area on one side of the field. We don’t want parents standing on the sideline of their child’s playing area because children then tend to focus on their parent and not on the session.

How do players check in and check out?

Players will be expected to arrive ready to play at least 5 minutes prior to training. They will sit down outside of the training area until they are brought onto the field by their coach. After training, players are expected to wait at the sideline until their parents come to pick them up. If their parents are not at the field, they should wait at the field, within view of the coach, until their parent arrives. We will have a master coach taking attendance by group at the start of the session.

What skill level is required to join the program?

The program is open to all skill levels but it is for players who are serious about soccer. We are looking for enthusiastic girls and boys who have aspirations to play soccer at a higher level.

What is the refund Policy?

If you unregister from the program the refund policy is as follows:

  • If you unregister 7 days or more prior to the first session, you will get a 100% refund, less a $50.00 administrative fee.
  • After that timeframe, there will be no refund.
  • We acknowledge that there can be medical exceptions. Any medical exceptions must be documented by our medical staff and require a written assessment from your family physician.

Will I get to play with my teammates?

Players will be grouped by ages the first day of each program. Master Coaches will assess the groups and move participants around based on their development. The groups are designed to be developmentally appropriate, players will be placed in a group that the master coaches feel will benefit the individual most.

I can’t get to any of the current locations for the training sessions. Will there be any additional locations added?

As the program grows, we will be adding locations and dates, so it is likely that you will find a day and location that suits your schedule. Please register your email and postal code with our database for program updates.

What kind of medical care will you have onsite?

We will have an Athletic Therapist at each location in case any players require medical attention.

What should I bring / wear to training?

Every Toronto FC Juniors player should bring their water bottle to every training session. Shin Guards is a must for participation in the program. We will be providing full training kit for each player who registers. Training kit will include – shirt, short and socks.

Is year-round participation necessary?

Toronto FC Juniors is a 42 week program. Although we break down the programs into Summer, Fall and Winter sessions, for best results we encourage participants to do all 42 weeks.

How does my son get identified for TFC Academy?

Coaches working in the Toronto FC Juniors program will be identifying the top players to participate in open trails with the academy. We work closely with TFC Academy coaches and the Academy Director to ensure that the best players are identified.